Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1 Why does my computer run so slowly?



The answer is not simple though. It could be many things, but the most common issue is that the computer is being asked to do too many things at once. Even the fastest computer can only perform one instruction at a time. Usually, it is fast enough to perform them all so quickly that you think it can to multiple things at a time, but it isn’t.

The most common causes of a slow computer are; too many browser tabs or programs open at once, an antivirus scan running in the background, it is performing a malware scan or it may even have an infection. We check for all of these issues when you call us for that remote IT support.

Delivering superior remote IT support is as much about the approach as it is about the skills. Putting yourself in the user’s seat for a second can completely change the way you approach IT support. 

Customer Question #2 Why do I have to reboot/reset my computer/router/printer/whatever?



Rebooting a computer or router resets everything. It’s like having a good night’s sleep. The mood you were in before you went to bed has gone (hopefully), it’s a new day, you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. It’s the same for a computer. You might think that software is static but the way it is used in a computer is not.

Sometimes a computer gets stuck in a loop that it cannot escape from and a reboot will reset everything so it can work normally. The same for routers, printers, network servers and any piece of technology.

Customer Question #3 Why does the internet sometimes go slow?



Back in the early days, the internet was often referred to as the ‘information superhighway’. To answer this question, it is useful to think of the internet as a highway. As more people (cars) use the internet, the busier the internet (highway) becomes. The more traffic (users) the internet has to cope with, the slower everyone travels.

The traffic can be local i.e. within your building or block or further afield. Aside from specific instances such as hardware failure, network issues or a DDoS attack, it is usually too much traffic on too small a connection that causes slowdowns.